Types of Treatments

  • Palatal expander: To expand narrow upper jaw
    Palatal expander
  • Fixed appliance (Pendulum): To correct Class II malocclusion with moderate “overbite”
  • Headgear: To help correct protruding teeth and jaw problem during growth period
  • Extraction: To resolve crowding problem
  • Surgery: To correct jaw disharmony and facial imbalance
  • Habit correctors: To eliminate tongue thrusting and finger sucking habits
    Habit correctorHabit corrector
  • Lip bumper: To allow lateral expansion of lower arch
  • Lower lingual holding arch (LLHA): To maintain space for eruption of permanent teeth
    Lower lingual holding arch
  • Invisalign: “Invisible braces” to correct some malocclusions, to straighten the teeth using series of clear trays instead of regular braces
  • Retainers: To stabilize teeth in new position or to correct minor tooth relapse

Types of Braces

  • Metal
    Metal bracesMetal braces
  • Clear (Clarity Braces)
    Clear bracesClear braces
  • Invisalign