Terminology of all braces part

  • Appliances are made up your braces (such as bands, brackets, archwires, hooks, tubes, headgear, facemask, rapid palatal expander (RPE)
  • Bands: Small and thin metal rings placed around the back teeth (i.e. molars) using cement to hold archwires and/or headgear
  • Brackets: Small metal or tooth-colored braces or attachment placed on the teeth to allow teeth movement along archwire
  • Archwire: Main archwires fitted into bracket and band and tied in by small elastic O-ties
  • Hooks: Vertical attachment on bands or on brackets used for elastics or rubber wear
  • O-ring: Little rings or colored modules used to tie archwires onto the brackets
  • Tie wire: Stainless steel tie used to hold archwire onto the brackets instead of using O-ring (color ties)
  • Elastics: Rubber bands placed by patients during orthodontics treatment to move teeth
  • Spacers: Separators (i.e small springs or rubber modules) to make space for placing bands at later appointment

Definition of each procedure appointment

  • New patient exam: First initial exam to evaluate patient for any orthodontics treatment
  • Record appointment: To obtain initial x-rays, photos and molds of your teeth
  • Final consultation: To discuss all treatment options with parents and patient and to answer all questions or concerns parents or patient will have
  • Banding appointment: To place the braces and discuss all oral hygiene home care and eating guidelines
  • Check-up appointment: Monthly follow up and adjustment of the braces
  • Deband appointment: To remove all braces and final photo and impression taken for retainers
  • Retainer delivery appointment: To fit the new retainers for stabilization of the teeth after braces removal